Pluck Has Value Across Your Organization

Pluck’s value to online marketers and community managers should be obvious. Less obvious might be the benefits that Pluck delivers to other parts of your organization.

In our experience, Pluck-powered community serves professionals throughout the organizations we serve. Visit any or all of these that are relevant to you and drop us a line if you have any questions, would like to learn more, or would like to connect with other Pluck customers in roles like these.

Teams responsible for business intelligence, CRM and Web analytics find that Pluck is a great source of customer, product and market insights.
Community teams deliver more efficiency and quality with Pluck’s advanced management and moderation tools.
Content stakeholders find that Pluck offers publishing, aggregation, engagement, syndication and other capabilities.
Design Design
UI, UX and front-end developers enjoy Pluck’s ability to deliver virtually any social experience they can envision.
Development Development
Development teams benefit from Pluck’s app server architecture and versatile programmer features.

e-commerce e-Commerce
For those focused on online transactions, Pluck-driven communities drive customer visits, registrations and conversions.
Marketers find that Pluck delivers audience growth and measurable improvements.
For those driving the overall business, Pluck offers proven solutions that are cost-effective, revenue-oriented and innovative.
Mobile strategists who need to make their mobile presence more social like Pluck’s SDKs for iOS and Android and mobile Web-optimized applications.
For sales growth via online transactions, in-store purchases, advertising, subscriptions and more, Pluck is the integrated community solution.

For teams focused on social mix, our various services offerings cross Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Web and mobile.
When engaged community members provide first line product support, customer support teams can focus on issues requiring deeper expertise and product knowledge.
Technology Technology
For IT teams that worry about introducing new technologies into an enterprise environment, Pluck is non-disruptive, scalable, versatile and reliable.

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