Calculating Community’s Impact

Your role and its challenges

If you own CRM, Web analytics, business intelligence or other data-oriented functions for your company you are undoubtedly full-time focused on frameworks and measurement. Your success depends on the quality of your data sets and the tools at your disposal.

Historically, you may have been frustrated by your organization’s efforts at community, or lack thereof. “Why are we doing this, what does it mean, and how can we measure success?” may be questions that you’ve brought to your peers and executive team.

What Pluck can do for you

Pluck, an enterprise platform for building online community, is engineered to meet the needs of analytics professionals like you. The platform captures every aspect of community activity and behavior and makes it all available for analysis.

Kraft’s First Taste community is a vehicle for the company’s CRM teams to ask questions, stimulate product and lifestyle conversation, and solicit feedback. The community’s million members generate huge volumes of information, which is analyzed and fed into Kraft decisions around segments, products, extensions, positioning, campaigns and more.

How does Pluck deliver?

First, the Pluck Analytics Workbench offers out-of-the-box reports on users, contributions, applications and other metrics.

Second, Pluck community components are always integrated into existing page templates that contain tracking elements from partners like Google, Omniture and CoreMetrics. This means that Pluck-powered click paths and value drivers can be identified and measured in the cockpit you’re most comfortable with.

Third, all Pluck-related data are available via a Content Download API that supports XML, JSON and other formats. This capability lets customers poll for explicit insights and integrate custom business dashboards with unique Pluck elements.

Finally, Pluck Client Services and Community Services teams offer best practices and, depending on our outsourcing arrangement, can provide regular reports that highlight trends, statistics and recommendations.

Intrigued? Visit our ProductsCustomers, StatsServices and/or Resources sections to learn more. And give us a shout if you’d like to go deeper. We’d love to understand your perspectives, objectives, and current tools and work with you to create an approach that will maximize the insights driven by Pluck.