Fostering Engagement, Ensuring Quality

Your role and its challenges

If you are a Community Moderator you uphold high standards of quality. You react to reports of abusive or problematic content. You deal with spam and other unwanted activity. You may even be asked to discipline or deactivate disruptive community members.

If you are a Community Manager you launch and nurture communities, engage their members, encourage behavior that promotes community health and your organization’s larger business objectives, monitor and measure community activity, make formal and informal content contributions and in general provide your organization’s human face in the community.

The volume of content in a large community can be daunting, particularly if your community standards or company policies dictate that content must be moderated before it is posted. Managing moderation assignments among multiple, potentially specialized, moderators in a large community can eat into your team’s productivity and raise the risk of missing key items. Absent any technology assist, dealing with consistently disruptive contributors or spam can be difficult, at significant cost to your community’s quality.

What Pluck can do for you

If you own moderation, Pluck’s Moderation Workbench is a flexible tool designed for a wide range of communities. With the help of this tool, the moderators of AARP’s very active, multi-million member community routinely process more than 100,000 moderation events per month.

And if you are responsible for community management Pluck’s Community Management Workbench – the Pluck platform’s central management console – is your most valuable tool.

Pluck includes other services and features that meet the needs of community managers like you. For example, Pluck Rewards, our Gamification module, is an invaluable platform service that lets you create and manage community reputation systems. Pluck Analytics is your measurement and reporting tool, providing a collection of core activity reports around content and members in multiple output formats and an intuitive graphical dashboard.

And Pluck Community Services offers outsourced moderation and management capabilities, which are available not only for your website community, but also your mobile, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube presence and more. These outsourced services can help you sleep better simply by providing night, weekend and holiday coverage. But you can also offload entire functional areas to us. You can rely on our experts to nurture and grow your community by stimulating dialogue, ensuring quality and providing custom written reports and analysis. Over 100 Pluck communities rely on our outsourced moderation and management services.

How does Pluck deliver?

The Moderation Management Workbench gives you:

  • a flexible queue system for high-volume environments that supports large teams with divided responsibilities
  • quick action on abusive content with flagging, sorting, review, blocking, deletion and retention options
  • integration with leading anti-spam providers for spam identification and management
  • content blocking by full or partial IP Address, and supports blocking meta data
  • versatile user management functions, including contacting users, blocking users and moving users across user tiers
  • word filters to auto-block abusive language
  • logging of all moderation activity and daily reporting on all moderation activity, by moderator, by type and by all deleted items

The Community Management Workbench gives you:

  • advanced and customizable workflows inspired by over 600 enterprise-class Pluck communities
  • multidimensional community member management, including a system of user tiers with distinct privileges and management protocols
  • integrated and consolidated registration and authentication through single sign-on
  • tools to add, oversee and manage key participants, including distributed moderators

Pluck’s value has been proven through the delivery of over 500 billion user contributions, across more than 600 premium digital properties from brands like Kraft Foods, and the NFL. We’d love to talk further with you about the Pluck team, techniques, tools and services these and other customers have used to drive compelling Community Results. Give us a shout to Learn More.