Engaging and Informing

Your role and its challenges

Everyone in digital is under pressure to provide more, high-quality, audience-tuned content. With the opportunity to drive massive customer impression numbers through organic, search, social and more, content teams are under the gun.

If you’re a publisher, it’s a safe bet that your teams are lean and you are constantly challenged to do more with less. And if you work in media, manufacturing, services, retail or other industries, you no doubt are expected to run a content operation just like a publisher, with a small budget and no dedicated editorial or other resources.

What Pluck can do for you

All of Pluck’s 14 social applications are engines for community- and staff-generated content. Pluck applications like BlogsPhotosVideosReviews and Forums significantly increase the amount of compelling content that is published to your site.

The value of this community inspired content is significant. Hearst drives roughly 5% of the traffic to its flagship San Francisco Chronicle website through Pluck-powered content syndication. AARP generates hundreds of thousands of new content items from its community members each month. The NFL sees more than 8 million fan contributions per month during the season.

How does Pluck deliver?

Pluck Reviews, Recommendations, Ratings, Comments, Blogs, Forums and others accessorize your content – whether user-generated, created in house, or outsourced – with absorbing perspectives. Our Pluck Solutions show you how to combine this content with community features to accelerate and amplify your organization’s EngagementConversion and Loyalty objectives.

And Pluck enables a high degree of content syndication, through community contributors posting their own content to their trusted networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and sharing of all community content across the broader social Web.

We’d love to talk with you more about how Pluck is uniquely equipped to help you increase and syndicate your digital content. We also can put you in touch with other content professionals to help you compare strategies, best practices, and outcomes. Drop us a note to learn more.