Offering Unique Experiences

Your role and its challenges

Whether you work in-house or for an agency, you are likely under pressure to move fast, offer amazing user experiences and ensure that the technology you deploy renders quickly. If you are like most, you grapple with two simultaneous assignments: (1) use proven technologies and techniques to deliver a user experience that (2) is different, innovative and yet faithful to brand guidelines. And whether you focus on UX, UI, front-end development or other areas of design, you certainly need tools that let you operate in a rapid, agile, iterative fashion.

What Pluck can do for you

Pluck is an integrated community platform that provides you with tools, tips, advice and resources to help you truly wow your customers.

First, we’ve created fourteen out-of-the-box social applications that can be used in any combination to drive an integrated community. Our CommentsReviewsBlogsPersonasGroupsForums and other applications are extensively battle-tested by our usability experts before they are brought to clients. Those clients in turn have tweaked and tuned our applications across billions of end-user impressions, on world class sites like MattelNestleAARP, and more.

When you are directed to deliver more, Pluck provides the broadest set of tools for designers and UX developers on the market today. Organizations like the NFL, National Geographic and others use the Pluck SDKs to create engaging and highly differentiated experiences.

We also make sure you’re not alone. We have our own team of Solutions and Technical Consultants who have assisted in the design and delivery of virtually all 600+ Pluck communities. And we partner with leading agencies like Razorfish, Sapient, 360i and more.

How does Pluck deliver?

Pluck’s out-of-the-box applications can be dropped into page templates in a matter of minutes using simple techniques like JavaScript includes. They can also be deployed via RESTful methods when SEO and other benefits are important.

With our very detailed product documentation and Professional Services assistance, it’s easy for you to make CSS and HTML tweaks that transform our applications into a natural extension of your brand, whether you are deploying our Web, mobile or Facebook-optimized templates.

If you need to go beyond out-of-the-box functionality to create a community experience that is uniquely yours, Pluck is ready. All Pluck functionality is accessible via the platform’s 250+ social data objects. You can use any of our six SDKs to program against those objects. Whether your environment of choice is Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, iOS or C#/.NET, Pluck offers native structures, libraries, references and examples to enable you to move fast and build unique experiences.

Visit our Customers section to see Pluck in action and check-out our Products and Services sections to learn more about what you can do with our platform. We’d love to give you a guided tour of compelling, relevant deployments. Drop us a line to schedule a quick phone call or meeting. We promise you’ll be blown away when you see the power of Pluck integrated community platform experiences in action.