Building Tailor-Made Community

Your role and its challenges

It’s an exciting time to be involved in building online systems. Your company is making ever greater investments in your brand site, and is urging you to push the boundaries of mobile and Facebook. And naturally, the expectation is that everything you do serves the brand in unique and compelling ways.

But of course, with opportunity comes challenge. Too often building community requires that you make a variety of vendors’ point products – blogs, comments, forums – somehow work together. It’s really important to you that your community be integrated with your existing technology investments and seamlessly integrated into the customer experience you’ve worked so hard to perfect. But most of the products you explore are immature from a development perspective, and don’t provide you with the capabilities you need to create a social experience that is a perfect fit for your brand. Never mind the complexity of extending your community to Android, iPhone, Facebook and the other channels you support.

What Pluck can do for you

Pluck is an integrated community platform that delivers made-to-measure social experiences for over 600 global brands. The platform features fourteen out-of-the-box social applications – CommentsRatings & Reviews, Groups, Blogs, Photo and Video Galleries and others– that you can drop into your existing Web pages with a few lines of Javascript.

But virtually every aspect of Pluck is accessible to developers, letting you customize the appearance, features and behavior of our applications, or even build entirely new applications of your own.

We’ve also built versions of our applications that are optimized for iOS, Android and Facebook, which makes it easy for you to create a unified community experience, with a single view of your customers, across all of your online marketing channels.

How does Pluck deliver?

Pluck is built on a true application server architecture – using industry-proven components – that gives you:

  • native support for Pluck-driven community on your Web site[s], your iOS and Android apps, and your Facebook page[s]
  • robust, enterprise-ready development and management tools including native language SDKs for Java, Javascript, C#, Objective-C, Python and PHP
  • fourteen customizable out-of-the-box social applications, with rich capabilities for content generation and social interaction
  • a variety of programmatically accessible core and extended application services, including search, discovery, analytics, user tiers, gamification, and connectors to Twitter and other social media destinations
  • 250+ social data objects, all programmatically accessible
  • a programmable authentication and authorization layer with an SSO component that leverages your registration and authentication system along with social sign-on solutions
  • easy programmatic and data integration with existing systems, enabled by partnerships with industry leaders like IBM, Oracle, Apple, Facebook and more
  • intelligent user data management, privacy and security policies, audited and passed by rigorous third party agencies

Beyond our technology, we can offer you comprehensive documentation of our platform and its capabilities, a rich assortment of solutions and blueprints for driving particular community outcomes, and professional and technical services teams with centuries of experience working with enterprise development teams.

To learn more, please visit our Products section. And drop us a note. We’d enjoy connecting you to one of our technology experts and taking you through our architecture, applications, tools, roadmap and more.