Powering Transactions

Your role and its challenges

Digital retail is fiercely competitive. As your reliance on online shoppers continues to grow you no doubt are finding that your customers are demanding ever-richer shopping experiences. You understand the power of SKU-centric product ratings and reviews to influence transactions, but as a market leader you are looking for more. Chances are, you are looking for ways not only to leverage your online channels to complete more online transactions, but to acquire big audiences, engage them and turn them into word-of-mouth providers.

While you understand the effect community can have on conversion, you are struggling. You may be saddled with an expensive legacy social commerce product and a collection of forums and other community tools. You want to extend your reach beyond your brand site to offer a cross-channel experience on Facebook, mobile, Twitter and YouTube but you don’t know how. And in many cases, you really need help with management and moderation, the people side of community. It goes without saying that your teams are lean and your budgets are tight.

What Pluck can do for you

Pluck is an integrated community platform that has proven value for digital retailers. As evidenced by market leaders like Target, RedboxSouthwest Airlines, Homebase, Healthspan, Whole Foods and others, Pluck is a broad platform that supports, and enhances, the entire retail customer lifecycle.

With five years in the market this platform has supported over 500 billion community interactions. And with a large and stable parent company (NYSE: DMD), Pluck enjoys scale and efficiency that no competitor can touch. Finally, with market-tested best practices our product and services can be highly cost-effective for even the most aggressive digital retailer.

How does Pluck deliver?

In a single platform Pluck uniquely offers you fourteen out-of-the-box applications that are designed to work separately or together to assist you with audience acquisition and engagement, customer conversion, and enduring loyalty. When you want to extend these applications, or create an entirely new social experience that is uniquely yours, we provide complete developer access to the internals of the platform via programming technologies that retailers already use.

For example, our Social Commerce solution is driven by a blueprint that describes the social applications, platform features, and approaches and policies that in our experience result in maximum value for organizations that care about conversion. This blueprint also details the important points of integration with Pluck Partners like IBM, ATG, Facebook, Google, Omniture and more. Finally, it showcases our proven migration tools and services for legacy providers like Bazaarvoice, PowerReviews, Lithium and others.

As you’ll note, a good deal of this website is tuned to e-commerce. While we serve a number of verticals, digital retail is our fastest growing market segment and an area of intense focus for the Pluck team. Make sure that you visit our Pluck Products (especially Reviews), Solutions, Customers and Resources sections to learn more. And we’d love to talk with you about your current situation and how we can help. Drop us a note and let’s get on the phone or connect in person to exchange ideas.