Integrating Community Painlessly

Your role and its challenges

If you manage IT you’re likely mistrustful of vendor claims, and for good reason. You have a lot on your plate. It’s largely on you to ensure that the business teams you support can move quickly, make their vision a reality, and avoid headaches. You need to weed out vendors that can’t support your scale and can’t match your standards for quality, accuracy and communication. You are accountable for systems continuity, interoperability, compatibility and security, and cannot afford to work with anyone who jeopardizes any of these. And ultimately, it is up to you to ensure that your organization’s many IT investments work together and that your team can sleep well at night.

What Pluck can do for you

From its inception the Pluck integrated community platform was designed to be integrated with – and operated in – enterprise computing environments. Pluck is a hosted environment that is already driving community for more than 600 world-class brands, many of them with extremely large and complex IT environments, multiple business constituencies and diverse and specialized development teams.

Pluck is backed by a professional services team that understands the enterprise. You can count on our engagement engineers to get your teams up to speed and get our environment provisioned according to your requirements, all the while helping you to step around the gotcha’s. And after you’re live, our customer services team is available 24×7 to help you resolve any issues.

Pluck is a non-disruptive, high-volume SaaS solution that gives you:

  • hundreds of hosted servers across three global data centers
  • dedicated infrastructure to enable you to control upgrades and changes
  • proven scale to thousands of TPS for single clients
  • more than 1 billion interactions served monthly
  • SLAs that ensure performance, uptime and response times
  • a programmable authentication and authorization layer with an SSO component that leverages your registration and authentication system along with social sign-on solutions
  • an application server-based architecture built on industry-proven components
  • robust, enterprise-ready development and management tools including native language SDKs for Java, Javascript, C#, Objective-C, Python and PHP
  • easy programmatic and data integration with existing systems, enabled by partnerships with industry leaders like IBM, Oracle, Apple, Facebook and more
  • intelligent user data management, privacy and security policies, audited and passed by rigorous third party agencies

To learn more, please visit our Products section. And drop us a note. We’d enjoy connecting you to one of our technology experts and taking you through our architecture, release processes, roadmap, infrastructure and more.