Growing Audience and Engagement

Your role and its challenges

Marketing teams like yours demand a lot from your digital initiatives. You certainly understand how instrumental online programs can be in establishing enduring connections with your customers. You have learned that these investments only work when they deliver real value to your audience, transparently, credibly and in line with the core brand promise. And you know your online programs only succeed when you are able to inspire and sustain genuine interactions among your customers, and between your customers and your brand. Finally, you count on your online marketing investments to deliver insights that influence campaigns, offers, messaging and products.

You’ve learned what your online initiatives need to do, but how to reliably deliver remains one of your greatest challenges. Where should you establish your online presence? On your brand site, where you have the greatest control? On Facebook, where you have an opportunity to connect with hundreds of millions of people? How do you satisfy the growing consumer demand for mobile platform support? What kind of online applications are best for growing audience? For engaging that audience? For turning that engagement into word of mouth?

What Pluck can do for you

Pluck, our integrated community platform, is expressly designed to provide you with digital initiatives that fully exploit your chosen online channels. Coupled with our Pluck Solutions, templates for community features that deliver EngagementConversion and Loyalty through community, Pluck provides answers to all of your how questions.

Pluck is the only platform you need to build community across your brand site[s], your mobile platforms, and Facebook. It supports every fundamental mode of interaction – blogs, forumsarticle commentsproduct reviewspersonal personas, multimedia galleries, and more – that online consumers have come to expect. And it includes broad support for management, moderation and analysis, making it easy for you to launch, nurture and manage your online programs, and mine them for valuable business insights.

Pluck is a hosted, enterprise platform. Our customers are some of the top digital marketers in business today. CPG stalwarts like Kraft and Nestlé use Pluck extensively to cement brand loyalty and surface enthusiasts. Digital retailers like Redbox, Southwest and Whole Foods surround their online and offline conversion process with Pluck community. Media powerhouses like the NFL, Comcast, and Hearst leverage Pluck to create experiences that consumers can’t get anywhere else.

How does Pluck deliver?

Pluck communities generate huge volumes of content and inject search engine-optimized experiences into online initiatives.

  • During the season, football fans contribute over 8 million pieces of search friendly content to the Pluck community at
  • Pluck customers like Redbox and Target see their e-commerce processes enabled with hundreds, if not thousands, of new product reviews every day
  • With extensive content sharing capabilities built into our platform, organizations like Hearst see Pluck drive 5% or more of their traffic from third party social offerings like Facebook

Passionate audiences also return organically to Pluck-powered conversations. Across the board, Pluck helps lift key visit, page view, time on site and contribution metrics.

Pluck helps you motivate, identify and reward key influencers, through robust points, badging, leader board and other features. Our platform also supplies a megaphone – in the form of built-in bridges to the social Web – that your influencers can use to spread word of mouth.

The source for all of these approaches, best practices and supporting case studies is our Pluck Solutions and their supporting Blueprints which prescribe in detail the Pluck social applications, platform features, policies and features and metrics you should implement to deliver on your Engagement, Advocacy and Conversion objectives.

We’d love to talk to you about how Pluck can help you further your marketing initiatives. We’d also like to know more about your unique challenges and objectives and work to help you understand how we’ve worked with other customers to drive success. Give us a shout and let’s start with an initial phone call.