Making Mobile Social

Your role and its challenges

If you own mobile for your team, you are likely teetering between the exhilarating promise of mobile and the stress of actually creating something compelling, differentiated and reliable. Mobile today feels like the Web in the mid-1990s: optimism is high, competition is fierce, standards and best practices are few, everything is evolving very quickly, and there’s a good deal of noise and confusion.

While many mobile teams are still trying to get content and commerce right, forward-looking organizations like yours understand that mobile requires a social dimension. But no doubt even you are struggling to figure out how to deliver the kind of community experience your customers expect given mobile platforms’ design and user interaction limitations.

What Pluck can do for you

Pluck is an integrated community platform that is optimized for mobile, as well as the Web and Facebook. It lets you accessorize your core mobile initiatives with tightly integrated community elements. And it lets you create a single community that operates across all of your marketing channels, letting community members consume and contribute content regardless of their chosen platform. Pluck also delivers one community from a moderation and management perspective, meaning that you do not require a separate set of tools to manage your mobile community members and content.

Pluck includes fourteen out-of-the-box social applications – Blogs, Ratings and Reviews, ForumsCommentsMedia Galleries, Persona, and more – and a number of community features – member badging and leader boards, search, content discovery, and so on – that are fully enabled for mobile Web browsers and are easily integrated into your iOS and Android apps.

How does Pluck deliver?

For mobile deployments, Pluck offers you two compelling approaches.

First, we provide you with screen-optimized reference applications. Their features and designs have gone through rigorous review and testing to ensure that you have a high-quality set of out-of-the-box capabilities to begin with.

And to enable you to create lightweight, customized social experiences, all 250+ Pluck social data objects are available via six SDKs. Our customers using Pluck for mobile especially love our Objective C and Java SDKs, tuned for iOS and Android respectively.

Customers like NFL, Condè Nast, Whole Foods and more have extended their Pluck-powered Web initiatives to mobile. We’d love to show you these examples, take you through our out-of-the-box mobile experiences, and help you understand the power of our SDKs and other tools. Drop us a line and one of our mobile experts would be happy to walk you through examples and concepts.