Driving Growth with Community

Your role and its challenges

If you’re a Chief Revenue Officers or Sales lead who “owns the number” your challenge is self-explanatory. You certainly understand that regardless of economic, industry or company conditions, digital initiatives have to perform. Gone are the days of investing in digital in the hopes the investment pays off down the road.

That said, you’re probably skeptical about online community. Lots of lofty promises are being made about its value, but practitioners – vendors, analysts, agencies and in-house teams – offer a variety of experiences, perspectives and recommendations.

In the face of all this you want something tangible and proven. You want a reasonable investment that can produce a solid return. You want to move fast, and learn and work with smart, predictable, value-added partners.

What Pluck can do for you

Pluck is an integrated community platform for the enterprise, backed by a large, innovative and successful company. Pluck’s fourteen out-of-the-box social applications are deployed on more than 600 global brand sites, and the platform’s customizability lets you deliver precisely the community experience your business objectives demand.

We back up our technology with our proven Pluck Solutions for Social Engagement, Social Commerce and Social Loyalty. These solutions are backed by blueprints that show you the combinations of Pluck applications, platform features, approaches, policies and management strategies that reliably help you grow your online audience, influence conversion rates, and build word of mouth.

How does Pluck deliver?

Pluck has technology, services and perspectives that work. We can show you how

  • Healthspan enjoyed a significant uptick in e-commerce conversions within 60 days of their Pluck community launch
  • the NFL monetizes millions of user contributions each season through sponsorships and other programs

We would also love to understand your goals and initiatives and offer a tailored solution package that can help you get there. With more than 600 leading brand customers and four years of market experience, we can show you what really works. Give us a shout and let’s get together to mutually learn more.