Offering One Experience

Your role and its challenges

If you run social media for your organization, you’re in an exciting position. You are blazing new trails, as organizations like yours endeavor to listen, engage, contribute, understand and more across a bevy of digital channels, including Web, mobile, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

On the down side, many social media teams are stretched thin. And you no doubt are frustrated by the silos that plague social media today. Silos that affect how your customers interact with your brand. Silos that create disconnected and inconsistent moderation experiences. Silos that are the genesis of multiple, uncoordinated community management teams. Silos that have led to multiple user profiles and display names, and separate moderation, management and analytic tools.

It’s your customers, of course, who are most affected by these silos. They long for a single, consistent community experience that is always available, no matter what they’re doing. They expect you and your partners to keep things appropriate, minimizing spam and abusive behaviors. And, unfortunately for you, your customers know that theirs is a reasonable expectation.

What Pluck can do for you

Pluck is an integrated community platform that is optimized for your key digital destinations. It is a single, hosted technology platform that can be deployed to your brand site[s], your chosen mobile platforms, and Facebook. We also integrate with Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social destinations for contribution syndication and sharing and moderation and analysis. And our Community Services teams offer both subject matter expertise relevant to your business and deep social channel skills.

How does Pluck deliver?

Pluck includes fourteen out-of-the-box social applications – PersonasComments, ForumsRatings and ReviewsBlogsMedia GalleriesGroups and more – and an enterprise-ready collection of platform features. We’ve developed Facebook-optimized versions of our social applications that can be added to your Facebook page with a few lines of code. With that done, your Pluck applications on your Web site and your Facebook page are a single community, connected, with one set of members and one collection of community content. Your community managers and moderators see just one community too. No silos.

With Pluck, you have one partner to deliver a truly integrated community experience. One customer, one platform, one community. What could be better? Drop us a note and let’s connect to share more.