Leveraging Your Best Customers

Your role and its challenges

If you are in a Support management role, you’re in a tough spot. Keeping customers happy is regarded as a business critical function. In most industries today customer switching costs are low, and your team is the first line of defense against defection. And yet Support is one of those business critical operations that isn’t supposed to cost very much.

Support is an area of the business where metrics are pretty sophisticated. You have enough data to confirm what most support organizations instinctively understand. Your highly trained staff spends most of its time dealing with first-line product issues. Meanwhile, you struggle to make headway with your ever larger pile of advanced support issues.

What Pluck can do for you

Pluck is an integrated community platform with fourteen out-of-the-box social applications. Pluck-powered community is a great vehicle for maintaining – or improving – your first-line support while cutting costs. Properly designed online communities attract all kinds of people with value to your organization, including customers with product knowledge who are motivated to share that knowledge. A number of our 600+ customers understand this behavioral dynamic, and deploy a variety of Pluck applications to educate their customers, or to make it easy for their customers to educate and support each other.

How does Pluck deliver?

Pluck Forums offers a very full-featured superset of the popular online tool. It encourages rich, customer-driven discussion. It facilitates consumer questions and answers, with answers provided by your staff or by consumers. And Pluck Forums can be configured to be searchable.

Pluck Blogs is another vehicle for educating and supporting customers. Your staff experts – or selected members of your customer audience – can use Pluck Blogs to educate customers on product features and their appropriate use.

Pluck’s Gamification features give you the tools you need to motivate customers to help each other, to surface the experts and influencers among your customers, and to reward (and showcase) particularly helpful customers.

To learn more, please visit our Products section. And drop us a note. We’d enjoy connecting you to one of our professional services and application design experts. They can show you how organizations like yours are already using Pluck to improve their customer support while cutting costs.