This page showcases some of the tangible business benefits that Pluck has delivered to our more than 600 customers, along with a collection of industry statistics and survey results. Whether you need to better understand the value of Pluck community, are trying to build a case internally for online community, or are looking for ways to measure the impact of your own community, this page is for you.

We can also show you how Pluck community benefits teams across your organization, and we offer discussion dedicated to our Pluck Solutions.

Social Engagement Stats

Deploy our Social Engagement Solution if you intend to use community to create new enthusiasts for your brand. We measure the effectiveness of Engagement communities with a variety of measures of visits and contributions.


The AARP’s community has added more than 100,000 members per month over the last year. During that same period, the community spun up an average of one topic-focused sub-community each day
In the year after its community launched, the giant UK home improvement retailer enjoyed 239% growth in community membership.
In the three months after its community launch, Mothercare, the UK’s leading maternity and baby merchant, added an average of 15,000 new members each month.
The UK’s largest broadcaster deployed Pluck community and in the following 12 months enjoyed 80% growth in unique visitors to, a 31% increase in page views, and 3x growth in page views per community member.


The online automotive marketplace receives more than 500 car reviews per day.
The highly engaged members of this community of retired persons make contributions to nearly 15,000 Forum topics every month. Each topic on average receives 11 posts per month.
During the 2012 Draft weekend, highly engaged NFL fans submitted more than 120,000 comments.
During the first six months members of the Barbie Collectors community uploaded more than 95,000 photos, and on average each member continues to contribute to the community 3 times each month.
This DVD and game rental leader launched a new Pluck community and received 30,000 customer reviews in less than 30 days.


Social Commerce Stats

Our Social Commerce Solution is for retailers that want to accelerate purchases and other transactions that have value for their business. We measure the effectiveness of these Conversion communities with a variety of measures of registrations and transactions.


Game The popular online game retailer added more than 200,000 registered community members in the first five months after launch.
More than 250,000 avid Barbie fanciers have become registered community members on the Barbie Collectors site.
Redbox Logo Nearly 250,000 movie enthusiasts have become registered members of the Redbox community.


The UK’s largest direct supplier of vitamins and supplement products enjoyed an uptick in conversions that paid for its Pluck community in 30 days.
Trust is key to product reviews. 41% of respondents to an eMarketer survey suggest they have more trust for brands that make available reviews from people in their social network. 36% gain trust from photos that illustrate consumer experience with a product, and 31% from seeing recommendations or reviews from friends.
67% of shoppers spend more online after exposure to recommendations from their online community of friends
82% of 750 CMOs surveyed say social marketing either already has, or soon will produce, measureable ROI
81% of people use consumer reviews in their purchase decisions
51% of consumers turn to the Internet for research even before making a purchase in shops

Social Loyalty Stats

Many organizations want their community to inspire brand and product loyalty, and enable customer word of mouth. We can show you how to deliver on these outcomes. We suggest you measure your progress toward your goals in loyalists and sharing.


Generally speaking, only 1% of community members will be “Influencers”. In Kraft’s engaging and dynamic community, the impact of loyalists and influencers is consistently more than five times greater.
Nestlé encourages and rewards participation in its Very Best Baking community through the awarding of Brownie Points. The top 10 participants have earned hundreds of thousands of Brownie Points and consistently make an average of 200 monthly contributions each.
Redbox Logo The Redbox community is designed and managed to encourage participation by movie enthusiasts who are loyal to the Redbox brand. 25% of registered community members have contributed at least one review and 6% have contributed three or more reviews.
This insurance and financial product price comparison community often sees more than 300 user recommendations on a single article.
90% of online consumers trust recommendations from people they know, while only 70% trust opinions of unknown users
71% of survey respondents claim that reviews from family members or friends exert a “great deal” or “fair amount” of influence on their decision to use a particular company, brand or product


Approximately 5% of traffic to comes from Facebook after a syndicated action powered by Pluck
Over 55% of the survey takers said that they would be “mostly willing” to share shopping preferences with online retailers if it meant that their shopping experience would be enhanced. However, 52% of people said that they would be reluctant to share this same information on social channels like Facebook.
More than 60% of communities integrate sharing features, which encourages the spread of word-of-mouth and drives site traffic.
Simple binary questions (e.g., “yes or no”, “for or against”) are the most effective way of obtaining an accurate reading of public opinion.
43% of Facebook users “like” at least one brand.

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