Adding Trust to Social Commerce Can Drive Engagement

It’s ironic that even as consumers increasingly trust the Web as a place to shop, their trust in individual brands is falling.

The good news is, there are concrete features you can build into your Social Commerce experience that will add trust to every stage of your interaction with customers.

In the second installment of our Is Social Commerce Trusted? on-demand webinar series, we show you where and how adding trust to your Social Commerce efforts can help you drive audience Engagement.

Give us less than 15 minutes and we’ll give you some actionable insights that will get more people emotionally connected with the passion that is core to your brand.

Pluck is the Social Commerce platform of choice for market leaders like Target, Redbox, Whole Foods Market and more than 600 other retailers and brands. It offers feature-rich Ratings & Reviews, Forums, Galleries, Q&A, Gamification and much more.

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