Offloading some or all of your Community Management and Moderation

Delegating management or moderation of your community to our teams ensures that your community continues to grow and thrive across all of your social channels, while engaging your target audience and meeting your online business objectives. Our US-based team can provide off-hours assistance or complete 24×7 coverage. At your request we can assign team members with expertise in your industry.


Services for Your Owned Media

For most organizations, their owned media – their Web site[s], their mobile apps and destinations, their campaign and micro-sites – provide the best platform for audience engagement. Our team’s professionalism and expertise—they’ve mastered everything from analyzing traffic trends to cooling down overheated forum discussions—is attractive to resource-constrained in-house community managers. We can:

  • Seed discussions and drive them forward
  • Provide expert content around specific topics in blogs and elsewhere
  • Answer community members’ questions and track their suggestions
  • Monitor the health of the community, and look for community changes
  • Produce detailed reports on the state of your community

Services for Your Social Media

We can also manage your brand presence on social destinations like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Our experienced social media team can

  • Actively and visibly represent you
  • Offer up pre-approved content in response to questions or concerns
  • Re-tweet/reply to/forward valuable community content
  • Report on the content and tone of your off-domain community

Services for Your Owned Media

Your websites, mobile destinations and apps, and campaign and microsites are your most important social channels. Resource-constrained in-house community managers value our ability to

  • Help define moderation workflow and standards
  • Guide and enforce preferred community tone
  • Provide either proactive or reactive moderation, or both
  • Manage abuse reports, spam and trolls

Our team provides around-the-clock moderation for 100+ communities, some of them with millions of members. We routinely handle thousands of transactions daily for single accounts

Services for Your Social Media

We can help you manage the conversation about your brand on social destinations like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Our team can

  • Monitor and, where necessary and permitted, delete, block or correct content
  • Answer questions or respond to comments on your behalf with pre-approved content
  • Report on activity, content and tone

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