For years Retailers have relied on Product Reviews to influence shoppers. Reviews are at the core of the Pluck Social Commerce Solution, but it includes much more.

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Pluck’s solution for Retailers offers you many ways to inspire consumer confidence in your brand and products, accelerate first-time buyers’ purchasing decisions, further engage shoppers who aren’t ready to buy, and make your site and stores a consumer’s go-to destinations. Our Social Commerce Solution packages the Pluck features and best practices you need to deliver your own Conversion experience.

The Science behind the Solution

Social science tells us that consumer behavior is psychologically motivated. Our Social Conversion Solution incorporates these insights:

  1. For people who go online to shop, Social Commerce provides social experiences that attract consumers to your online destination with relevant content and interactions
  2. For people who are doing research online, Social Commerce creates an environment where staff and consumer subject matter experts serve up lots of high-value content
  3. For people who are looking for assurance, Social Commerce surfaces content and experiences that establish you as trustworthy and credible

Social Commerce Building Blocks

Pluck has features that enhance all of its built-in applications and that contribute to Social Commerce.

Product Reviews

Retailers have long understood that Reviews can accelerate the conversion process. Pluck Reviews have the broadest feature set of any Reviews product. Pluck’s Trust Filters allow consumers to view only reviews from Friends or Featured Reviewers.

Redbox lets consumers filter its large volume of movie reviews to see only reviews from Friends, or from Featured Reviewers

Category Discussions

Consumer and staff discussions of product categories, features, selection and usage satisfy consumers’ appetites for research.

Whole Foods uses Pluck Forums to host Category Discussions on a variety of topics related to Diet, Health and Products.

Customer Experiences

A journal-like feature that lets customers describe their product or brand experiences. These journals are a great source of detailed product information and ultimately, assurance.

Black and Decker gives Do-it-Yourselfer’s a place to journal about their home improvement projects. B&D has customized the Pluck Blog to support a slide show format and a “What You’ll Need” list


This feature draws out staff- and consumer-sourced answers to shoppers’ product feature questions.

Kraft uses Pluck Q&A to gather consumer feedback on new products at Kraft First Taste, its million-member online focus group

Conversion Friendly Platform Features

Some Pluck features are particularly useful for producing Conversion.

Topical Blogs

Blogs are a great platform for subject matter experts to contribute content that your audience cares about. Blogs also have great SEO value, which means you can grow your core audience at the same time you are entertaining and informing its members.

Homeclick, an online seller of home renovation and design products, uses Pluck Blogs to give staff and consumer experts an SEO-friendly place to offer advice and guidance.


Pluck’s Gamification features let you identify and reward consumers who are most active, authoritative and aligned with your brand.

Carphone Warehouse takes advantage of Pluck Gamification’s support for Earned and Assigned Badges to call out particularly trustworthy reviewers


Exposing your audience to the best, newest and most popular content and conversations enhances your authority and credibility and shortens the buying cycle.

Nestlé’s Very Best Baking highlights recent and popular contributions as part of a larger effort to influence purchases in stores by lovers of baking

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