Traditional loyalty programs are expensive, and their impact is short-lived. The Pluck Social Loyalty Solution produces enduring consumer bonds by making relationship building the real focus of Loyalty. [hsmap name="solution3"] Our Social Loyalty Solution packages the Pluck features and best practices you need to deliver your own unique Loyalty experience. It helps you to host interactions – among consumers and between those consumers and your brand – that produce retention and word of mouth. Our solution gives you everything you need to reward consumer transactions, but also contributions and interactions. When done right, the Social Loyalty Solution also helps you to surface your most influential enthusiasts and turns them into brand ambassadors, both on your website and across the Social Web.

The Science behind the Solution

Social science tells us that consumer behavior is psychologically motivated. Our Social Loyalty Solution incorporates these insights:
  1. Social Loyalty can inspire Loyalty in people who like to show off their expertise by rewarding influential interactions and behaviors
  2. For people who are altruistic and like to be helpful, Social Loyalty can produce loyalty by making it easy for them to make high-value contributions
  3. Some consumers are motivated by a desire to build a reputation. For them, Social Loyalty creates an environment where influence and expertise is celebrated and promoted.

Social Loyalty Building Blocks

[hr] Pluck has features that enhance all of its built-in applications and that contribute to Social Loyalty. [toggle title="Topical Discussions" state="closed"]
Blogs, Forums and Comments all give committed contributors a platform for communi­cating their enthusiasm.

The NFL provides lots of opportunities for football enthusiasts, and diehard fans of particular teams, to speak out

  [/toggle] [toggle title="Member Badges" state="closed"]
This is a powerful lever that—with Pluck—gives community managers a lot of flexibility around identifying, rewarding and promoting influen­tial community members.

The Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA promote Loyalty with badges that reflect involvement and participation in the fan community. This contributor’s two earned badges reward his dedication to the fan site and the quality of his message board contributions

  [/toggle] [toggle title="Social Connections" state="closed"]
One-on-one influence is also im­portant. Pluck’s profile application, Personas, lets your enthusiasts befriend other community members, mes­sage them privately or publicly, and connect with others outside of your community.

AARP encourages influence and advocacy by letting community members befriend each other and send both public and private messages

  [/toggle] [toggle title="Social Media Bridges" state="closed"]
Word of mouth and referrals really take off when enthusiasts’ contributions are al­lowed to travel from your community to the broader Social Web.

SFGate makes it easy for enthusiasts to spread word of mouth to Facebook, which has led to substantial growth in return visits


Loyalty Friendly Platform Features

[hr] Some Pluck features are particularly useful for producing Loyalty. [toggle title="Gamification" state="closed"]

Pluck’s Gamification features provide an invaluable assist to your Social Loyalty efforts. It supplies all the game mechanics you need, including points, badges and leader boards. But by integrating it into every aspect of the Pluck platform, we’ve made it possible for you to motivate and reward behaviors that lead to enduring Loyalty.

The Cleveland Cavaliers reward community engagement and influence, and showcase their most loyal and enthusiastic community members
[/toggle] [toggle title="Discovery" state="closed"]
Exposing your audience to your most loyal and influential consumers and their contributions rewards your enthusiasts while energizing the conversation.

Every month Kraft puts a spotlight on the community’s most engaged and influential loyalists, and provides access to their profiles along with their contributions
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