What is Pluck?

The best communities offer a rich variety of social experiences, each of which is tuned for the audience and appropriate for the context.

Pluck includes a broad collection of community applications that can be used in any combination, anywhere on your site, to create the precise experience you need.

Each Pluck application has a default, out-of-the-box form and function, but you can easily customize both their appearance and behavior.

And Pluck applications are designed to work equally well in your web and mobile destinations.

These capabilities are paired with world-class management tools, several validated integrations into leading e-commerce platforms, and a full complement of services to guide your path to social commerce ROI.

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  • Ratings & Reviews

    Inject trust and confidence into the purchase decisions consumers make on your site

    Shoppers today rely on product reviews to help with purchase decisions, and shoppers expect to cut through the clutter to see reviews from sources they trust. Whether you need a simple star-rating or a rich, comment and photo driven experience, Pluck Ratings & Reviews meet these needs with all of the standard features shoppers expect, adding an element of familiarity with out-of-the-box support for trust filters, product attribute ratings and filtering reviews by reviewer attributes. And, with sharing to Facebook and other social networks, your reviews can find coverage and readers far beyond the walls of your website.

  • Forums

    Inspire conversation and interaction

    Pluck Forums is a full-featured discussion application that can make conversation happen anywhere on your site. With capabilities including Q&A configuration, unread post tracking, managed subscription notifications, integrated polls, and more, Pluck Forums is the platform for open-ended conversation and interaction.

  • Personas

    Profile, activity center, self-expression and so much more

    Pluck Personas goes beyond simple profiles to show how members are involved in the community, to give members their own voice in the form of blogs and galleries, and to support member friending and following. All of a member’s activity in the community feeds into this centralized user profile, and a consumer’s Persona automatically reflects their community contributions. The Persona can be discovered by other community participants through friendships, username, and avatar attribution throughout the site, which drives engagement and encourages connections.

  • Groups

    Make all of your audiences feel at home

    Pluck Groups lets you – and at your discretion, your community members – create custom experiences in public or private sub-community settings. It provides private reserves for confidential collaboration and sharing, creates public retreats dedicated to particular interests, locations and collections, and it can offer community members the opportunity to create their own private sub-communities. Sub-communities built with Pluck Groups can include their own Blogs, Forums, Galleries, Polls, Events, Group Walls, Discovery and membership control.

  • Gamification

    Create powerful incentives and rewards with points, badges and leader boards

    With access to every community event down to the atomic level, Pluck Rewards can be tuned to acknowledge and reward virtually anything that helps you deliver on your business objectives. And unlike most gamification point solutions, Pluck Rewards makes it easy to reward the perceived quality of community members’ actions, not just the quantity. With the flexibility of the Pluck Rewards Engine, you control what actions within the Pluck community are tied to points and badging, and where those badges and leaderboards are displayed and how they are displayed in your community. Pluck Rewards also has the flexibility to incorporate events outside of the Pluck platform, enabling you to centralize your gamification strategy with loyalty and rewards programs both on- and offline.

  • Reactions

    Quick customizable feedback

    Pluck Reactions is a customizable, one-click voting application (e.g., Want it! / Own it! / Not for me…) that gives consumers a voice, and gives brands a valuable source of market information. Whether a poll, a like, or a wish list, this low barrier to community participation is a great way to engage your consumers and involve them on your site while gaining insights into products, customers, and markets.

  • Narratives

    The classic engine of engaging long-form content, updated

    Pluck Narratives are ideal for delivering long-form, media-rich article content while also providing a door to new traffic for your community. Pluck Narratives go beyond blogs, with configuration to support a variety of article types, from expert columns to consumer journals, how-to’s, buying guides and slide shows. And, you can create and manage consumer- or staff-generated content within the themes, structure, and control of your editorial and brand standards.

  • Galleries

    Enliven your experience with photos and videos

    Photos and videos bring passion to your digital customer experience. Pluck Galleries is a versatile tool that makes it easy for consumers to share their media with the entire community. But, Pluck Galleries are not just one-way projectors for media content; Pluck Galleries can also accommodate comments, and can be configured for contests.

  • Comments

    Drive conversation around content

    Like Forums, Comments are a well-established form of online interaction. Comments drive conversation around articles and other core site content, and have a demonstrated ability to stimulate consumer engagement, time on site and page views. Pluck Comments are also integrated into other Pluck Applications, including Galleries, Reviews, and Narratives, to provide a seamless interaction experience across an entire community.

  • Discovery

    Drive interaction by featuring your most compelling contributions

    Pluck Discovery enables your visitors to find content of interest from across your community through featured links, powerful search tools, outreach and email notifications and aggregate summaries based on characteristics like recentness, highest rated, most popular, most active and more. By featuring interesting and current content, Pluck Discovery drives more engagement by exposing the most casual of visitors to key happenings from your audience and drawing them deeper into your digital experience.

  • Social Connectivity

    Use social sign-on and social syndication to unlock connections between the wider social web and your on-site community

    Leverage your community members’ existing social presence to sign-on to and share content from your community into their social networks. With social sign-on integrations with Facebook and Google+, and more than twelve social destinations to share site content to, your community members’ onsite and social worlds will be seamlessly connected.

  • Integration and Customization

    Create the community that is right for you and your web technology

    All Pluck Applications come in easy-to-use widget form: one line of JavaScript brings a complete, end-to-end experience to your Web pages, and CSS can style the application to seamlessly fit in with your website. Or, completely novel features can be developed using the Pluck platform using our SDKs and deployed to the Web or any other digital channel.

  • Mobile

    Provide a device-ready look and feel for maximum engagement

    Computer, smartphone or tablet, Pluck is ready to connect your customers however they are connecting with you. We’ve even had clients who have injected Pluck community into their brick and mortar location or other premises. From ready-made options in our widgets, to the flexibility offered with our SDK, the possibilities available to customize Pluck to connect with your shoppers on a multitude of devices is endless.

  • Oversight and Insights Tools

    Track, control, and analyze community activity at an atomic level

    As you would expect in a true enterprise customer community platform, Pluck includes a complete set of oversight and insights tools intended for stakeholders throughout your organization. Pluck includes specialized tools that provide insight into – and control over – every aspect of Pluck community, including development, deployment, moderation and management. These tools empower a variety of business stakeholders across various roles to understand and influence what is happening in your Pluck-powered digital experiences.

  • Localization

    Give each participant a language-appropriate community experience

    Pluck community connects with your shoppers and customers, in their chosen language, wherever they are. With ready-made translations in our widgets, Pluck supports a number of languages with no additional work for you. Don’t worry if the language you are looking to support is not already covered in our out-of-the-box translations; one of the beauties of Pluck is its flexibility, and Pluck is able to support any language with minimal work.

  • Community Management

    Tools plus talent to plan a complete content and marketing strategy

    The Pluck team features experienced industry professionals who offer strategic insight into a number of areas critical to creating an engaging customer experience. Customer Success Management will lead you through the best practices for leveraging Pluck tools as well as coordinate key elements of your content and marketing strategy.

  • Technical Services

    Time and team to take you to launch and beyond

    The Pluck solution includes our talented team of Technical Consultants and Customer Care professionals who take your Pluck experience from inception to launch and beyond. Our Technical Consulting services will direct you on the best path for integrating Pluck and work as an extension of your team. As Pluck technology evolves, our Customer Care team will continually work with you to take advantage of the latest and greatest advancements in the platform and provide timely support when inevitable incidents occur.