Ten solid reasons why Pluck should be your customer interaction platform

  • Why Pluck?
  • Why Pluck?
  • Why Pluck?
  • Why Pluck?
  • Why Pluck?
  • Why Pluck?
  • Why Pluck?
  • Why Pluck?
  • Why Pluck?
  • Why Pluck?

#1 Hundreds of global brands already use it

The fact is, more than 600 organizations – including Target, Kraft Foods, Southwest Airlines, the NFL and Whole Foods Market – have carefully evaluated the market for customer interaction technology and have made strategic investments in Pluck.

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#2 It lets you provide the customer experience you want

No two Pluck deployments are the same, for good reason. We didn’t build Pluck to accommodate our vision of a brand social experience. We built it to support your vision. Pluck gives you complete control over the customer experience you deliver to your audience.

#3 It delivers real  business outcomes

The days of “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a community on our website?” are long gone. Our customers use Pluck to attract and engage new customers, accelerate customer conversion, inspire enduring customer loyalty, and garner business insights.

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#4 It leverages your brand’s core passion

Every successful brand is founded on a unique passion that drives its product development, its relationship with its customers and its business aspirations. Pluck makes it easy to build a customer interactions around the lifestyle and product topics your brand’s passion inspires.

#5 It has the broadest feature set

If breadth of features is important to you, you’ll love the variety of customer interactions Pluck enables. With 14 applications – supporting Feedback, Contribution, Assistance and Identity – and enterprise-level back-end management workbenches, you can build and combine any customer experiences your business requires.

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#6 It runs on Web, mobile & Facebook

Pluck integrates into your existing website pages, making your site social and interactive. But it also runs natively in mobile web browsers, smartphone apps and on your Facebook page, meaning that Pluck works for you wherever your consumers touch you online.

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#7 It’s amazingly versatile

Pluck communities range from 1500 members to 15 million, across retail, consumer goods, entertainment, sports, finance, health and fitness, home and garden, publishing and travel. And Pluck currently supports everything from raucous fan sites to genteel baking sites and even carefully managed communities for kids.

#8 It helps teams across your organization

Today, everyone in your organization cares about customer interactions. Pluck delivers value to people across that spectrum of roles, including eCommerce, Marketing, Customer Support, IT, Content, Revenue, Management, Mobile, Design and others.

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#9 It is a true platform

Pluck is built on an application server architecture. All of its applications and underlying features are powered by Pluck’s ten customer interaction engines. Your developers can access everything through our 6 SDKs, modifying standard Pluck behavior or creating entirely new functionality.

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#10 Your Customer Interactions are our  core passion

Pluck clients get more than the industry’s most complete customer interaction platform. They also get to partner with our people, outstanding professionals who have helped launch over 600 vibrant, valuable Pluck-driven customer experiences that generate more than a billion page views each month. Learn more about our services offerings